Production program

The main production program of the company are water structures, construction of utility lines, sidewalks and local roads. A complementary program of the INSTAV company is also building construction, albeit to a  lesser extent. Our company has built a reputation in the region as a reliable partner to whom you can turn to with trust, which is at the  highest professional level, using modern materials and technology, and last but not least, ensures quality, environmental and occupational safety. This is supported by the certificates ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standards.

  • Water Constructions

    Construction of these utility networks are carried out by professionals who have experience with the effects of water supply and water management institutions.

  • Water Works

    The waterworks which determine the character of the landscape, are important water management, retention, and ecological significance. They've created new habitats in nature. Our company provides comprehensive services in this area.

  • Road Constructions

  • Civil Engineering

    Building construction consists of a complementary product range in the list of our activities. It is mainly based on local regional companies needs to be a versatile and the necessity of specialized construction and masonry work in the implementation of reconstruction of wastewater treatment plants and reservoirs.

  • Special Works

    We offer our customers smaller paved areas, sidewalks, playgrounds and sports fields. Earthwork including the establishment of structural layers.

  • Project Design

    We provide a full range of products, design and engineering of water management structures.

  • Mechanization