Company profile

The company INSTAV Hlinsko was founded in 1998 by the separation of one production branch of the former building company INSTAV Pardubice. The company took advantage of a gap in the local and regional market and started offering mostly water structures. This specialization was also helped by employing  well  qualified staff, who have previously worked for various water supply and water management institutions.

Over time INSTAV built up a reputation as a stable company with a permanent consistency  of staff with a  high knowledge of operations in their field.

In 2007 there was another change in the historical development of the company. INSTAV entered into cooperation with a strong strategic partner ,which  was transformed into a joint stock company and the company subsequently became part of the holding Enteria.

The main production program of the company are water structures, construction of utility lines, sidewalks and local roads. A complementary program of the INSTAV company is also building construction, albeit to a  lesser extent. Our company has built a reputation in the region as a reliable partner to whom you can turn to with trust, which is at the  highest professional level, using modern materials and technology, and last but not least, ensures quality, environmental and occupational safety. This is supported  by the certificates ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standards.

It is important to add that INSTAV is not only active in the local region, but is also able to perform work  in adjacent regions and throughout the country.